From the Vaults: John Outterbridge











John Outterbridge had a solo exhibition at the Hammer Museum’s Art + Practice space in Leimert Park, that closed last weekend. It was curated by Hammer senior curator Anne Ellegood with assistant curator Jamillah James, John Outterbridge: Rag Man.  If you weren’t able to see it you missed something truly special.

Back in December senior curator Anne Ellegood said, “It is a true honor to have the opportunity to work with John, who is such an important figure in the history of contemporary art in Los Angeles. While he is highly respected among his community, his work is not as widely known to the residents of Los Angeles as it should be. His work of the past decade is just as compelling, beautifully crafted, and conceptually resonant as his work of the 1970s. Not only is John a great artist, he is an exceptional human being. I know he is looking forward to having his work shown again in the context of Leimert Park, after showing with Brockman Gallery many years ago.”

To use the bank analogy chosen for this website, John Outterbridge is one of, if not the most treasured holding we have with us.  Those of us that have been blessed enough to sit at his feet here in Los Angeles know just that, that John Outterbridge is an exceptional human being.  A great artist, sculptor and now after seeing this wonderful show,  I am thrilled to know that John Outterbridge is also an exceptional painter!  As everyone of us knows, John is long overdue for a huge museum retrospective and so hopefully that will be happening real soon and when it does, I promise to get the word out about it before it closes.  It will be worth the plane fare.

(photos:  June Edmonds)


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