From the Vaults: Dominique Moody



Actually, there is another eclipse going on in Pasadena right now.  Only this time on Saturday the 5th the cosmic convergence will be an opportunity to see The Nomad by Dominique Moody, as well as Mark Greenfield’s new work (below posted) and Noni Olabisi’s (posted immediately below) at the same time.  The photos above beautifully taken of the Nomad, by Lynell George, are a couple months old so there is more to see.  Although it is still in process, it will make it’s debut soon, prior to it’s beginning journey through California this summer.  But I falter telling about it.  The telling, the being, the doing, the witnessing… now that is the work of art.  Individually, amazing.  But the combination of the presence of Ms. Moody, her telling of Ancestral  laced stories, the witnessing of the ever evolving process of the art and life itself… a wonder.  Dominique Moody is creating this work at the Zorthian Ranch in Altadena for just a couple more weeks but do stay tuned for her upcoming travels.  Until then, see more and learn more at her blogs.