From the Vaults: Glynnis Reed


I have been a fan of Glynnis’ for years now and admire her range of artistic exploration.  These latest works, from her series titled From the Earth to the Skies, are sumptuous and otherworldly.  Here is what she says about them per her statement, “In my work, I have often engaged with the theme of the power of nature. I return to that theme in this body of work as nature becomes a symbol of beauty, endlessness, power, and complexity… I photographed specimen collections at the Natural History Museum in Vienna, at the monastery Stift Melk I shot images of a ceiling fresco of angels, I captured images of trees, hillsides, fields, rivers, and valleys where ever I could find them, and throughout urban areas in Lower Austria and Paris I took pictures of graffiti. These various subjects layered and interwoven relate the substance of my dream life and my spiritual aspirations.”